Volkswagen keys are some of the more difficult keys to make. Volkswagen uses a complicated security system that many locksmiths are not able to program keys to. Not only that, but Volkswagen uses “laser cut” blades that are cut down the middle of the key as opposed to conventional side cut keys for added security. Normal locksmiths and hardware stores are not able to cut these keys without the proper machines.

At Seattle Locksmith Security, we utilize the most cutting edge programming materials, always making sure to use the most recent updates in software, and we use top of the line laser cutter key machines that are programmed to cut the exact depths necessary to get your keys to work.

OEM keys

Volkswagen keys are manufactured with very specific chip-sets and remote output standards. Because of this, it is very difficult to replicate these parts correctly. Many aftermarket companies attempt at making exact copies, but more often than not, these keys and remotes fail. They may look exactly the same as your original remote, but if the chip has the wrong ID or the frequency of the remote output is off by 1 MHz, it will never be able to be programmed to your vehicle. It may seem like a good idea to save some money and get a cheaper aftermarket brand remote from Amazon or eBay, but in the end, you will be losing money.

Here at Seattle Locksmith Security, we use only OEM parts, and keep a stock of all keys and remotes used by Volkswagen.

Laser cutting

Seattle Locksmith Security is one of the only locksmiths in the area that are capable of the process of laser cutting Volkswagen keys. We use Keyline products, the most sophisticated laser cutting machines on the market, to ensure that your keys are cut properly. Our machines are programmed to cut the exact positions, down to the thousandth of a millimeter. If you have a key that you would like duplicated, bring it in and we will measure the positions of the engraving on your key and cut a new one to factory specific measurements with the Ninja Laser by Keyline.

If you don’t currently have any keys to your vehicle in order to bring it in to get a copy, we can send a technician to you and make one on location. Our technicians are trained to use Lishi readers to pick and decode Volkswagen locks. Once the technician has the right measurements, he will use the Keyline laser cutter that is in his van to cut you a brand new microchip key and start the programming procedure to get you on your way!


Volkswagen are some of the hardest vehicles to program keys for. Most key programmers that would work for other makes like Toyota, Honda, Ford, or GM will fail to complete the complex programming procedure necessary for Volkswagen keys. Volkswagen use pincode technology in each of their vehicles that you must first read to identify your vehicles unique PIN. Once the PIN is identified, that programming can begin.

We use the most recent versions of Advanced Diagnostic programmers with updated software to ensure that we can program all Volkswagen years and models. Whether you want to stop in to our shop to get some extra keys or you are stranded with no working keys to your vehicle, we will be able to program new keys for your vehicle.