Electric Door Strike

Electric Door Strike

If you are a small business, warehouse, or office that is looking for an access control device you may want to consider installing an electric door strike. There are many advantages to consider this option. Seattle Locksmith Security has the professional experience, inventory, and skill to help your business with such a project. We are conveniently located at 3214 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, 98144 and open 7 days a week including weekends and holidays.

What Is An Electric Door Strike?

An electric door strike is a device that replaces your fixed strike plate that is mounted on your door frame. This allows you to convert any conventional door lock into an access control device. Changing your conventional strike to an electric door strike allows you to more control of the movement in and out of your premises. For example, an office door lock becomes more secure with such an installation because now you are able to control for the door to lock automatically once someone passes through.

Electric Door Strike Installation

Seattle Locksmith Security provides an electric door strike installation services for all door types: conventional wood door frame, commercial metal door frame, and storefront aluminium door frame. We are also able to install electric door strike which are compatible with all types of hardware: exit device, panic bar, commercial lever lock, mortise lock, deadbolt, storefront lock, and much more. Our installation includes fresh install/cut-out, supplying the correct electric door strike that fits your needs, and wiring.

Electric Door Strike Brands

Seattle Locksmith Security carry the best electric door strike brands on the market:

  • Hes Electric Strike
  • Adams Rite Electric Strike
  • Rutherford Control Electric Strike
  • Rofu Electric Strike
  • Stanley Security Best Electric Strike
  • Securitron Electric Strike
  • Trine Electric Strike

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