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2014 – 2018 Jeep Cherokee

This Smart Proximity key is compatible with:

  • 2014 – 2018 Jeep Cherokee

Seattle Locksmith Security In-shop Service

Seattle Locksmith Security also offers in-shop service. If you have a working key and need a spare key, please have the following information ready before calling us:

1. Secure your FCC ID number (typically hidden, laser printed in extremely small font)
2. Number of buttons on your remote (lock, unlock, panic)
3. Determine if an emergency key is necessary
4. Confirm that your remote is fully functional

Jeep Cherokee 2014 – 2018 5 Button Smart Proximity Key

This is a 5 button smart proximity key with remote start


Technical Information:

  • FCC ID: GQ4-54T
  • IC: 1470A-35T
  • Frequency: 433 MHZ
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Emergency Key Blade Included
  • Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Panic, Trunk, Remote Start
  • OEM PN #: 89904-50380

Important tip: ALWAYS make sure the FCC ID and Board match the requirements for your vehicle. If a smart proximity key is being added to your system it is easy to do. It is usually stamped on the back of the remote or under the key(if it is a flip key version). If it is an aftermarket key it may not have the stamp but it will be on the packaging that comes with the remote.

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