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Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors to secure and protect your property.

Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors offer the best value and are the first choice for industrial, commercial, and institutional environs. Fitted with the type of locks buyers prefer, these fire-rated metal doors are popular because of their high durability and affordability. Robust, heat-insulated, inexpensive, and backed by reinforced metal sheets, these metal building doors are easier to maintain. Their extensive use to secure access has led to commercial hollow metal doors getting the appellation “workhorse of security.”

Seattle Locksmith Security offers a range of metal building doors, including new commercial doors, hollow metal doors, commercial steel doors, fire-rated doors, pre-finished simulated wooden doors, and knock-down doors. We also provide commercial door repair services and comprehensive solutions for steel and metal doors with glass kits or louvers.

What Are Hollow Metal Doors?

Standard metal hollow doors come with prefinished steel door frames. These usually comprise a steel frame with metal panels forged on the front and back. The name “hollow” is added to these metal doors because of their “open throats.” This design enables a steel door frame to conveniently anchor to the wall.

These commercial steel doors have reinforced and prime-coated steel sheets. Insulating materials are placed between metal sheets. These fire-rated doors come with ratings ranging from 1 to 6 hours while the thickness varies up to 1 inch. A steel tube runs at the center creating space to mount hinges. It also leads to a pocket, which can be used to place an electrified mortise lock. Many of these new commercial doors also have pockets on the top to place magnets for regulating door position changes.

Check the latest access control options provides for commercial steel doors.

Materials Used To Make Hollow Metal Doors

Steel sheets are used to manufacture frames of commercial hollow metal doors. The thickness of sheets varies based on the customer requirements and these are bent and shaped to create different door patterns. Gauge is the standard of thickness measurement and the higher the gauge the lower is the thickness and strength of metal building doors.

The thickness of steel sheets ranges from 20 gauge to 12 gauge. However, an average commercial steel hollow door boasts 14 gauge for exterior and 16 gauge thickness for interior use in an industrial environment.

Manufacturers of these commercial fire-rated doors offer a diverse selection of insulation materials. Buyers may opt for polystyrene, Kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane depending on the suitable option for the industry, the geography, and the climate. Fire barriers in the form of metal frames are part of hollow metal doors making them able to restrict the spread of fire. Buyers have the option to choose from 60, 90, 120, 180-minute, or more fire-rated doors. Prices of these doors go up depending on the fire rating.

Core Types for Hollow Metal Doors

Seattle Locksmith Security hollow metal doors come with a variety of core insulation materials. This diversity impacts the fire rating, weight, durability, and affordability of buyers.

  • Honeycomb: A type of heavy-duty core, this is suitable for interior commercial metal building doors. The addition of special resins makes honeycomb-patterned cardboards strong and sturdy. Based on the insulation placement, these fire-rated doors can withstand fire for 1 to 3 hours. It is more affordable compared to commercial metal doors with other core materials.
  • Polystyrene: A type of synthetic hydrocarbon polymer foam or solid material, this forms the core of both interior and exterior hollow metal doors. The fire rating is 120 to 180 minutes.
  • Polyurethane: With a much better insulation capacity than honeycomb and polystyrene, polyurethane forms the core commercial steel doors used in thermal industries. They offer better strength and this increases the cost a bit.
  • Steel Channels: These new commercial doors are stiffened with steel channels spot welded across the door width close to each other. Gaps are covered with insulation. These metal building doors withstand high abuse and block noise disturbances.
  • Mineral Boards: Based on the need for heat or sound reduction, a sheet of fire and heat-insulating mineral board is put at the core of hollow metal doors. These commercial steel doors come with a heat rating of 250, 450, or 650 degrees. If there is a fire, the sheet of mineral board transfers the heat generated from the fire to the non-fire side enabling people to pass without any burn injury.
  • Customized Cores: Seattle Locksmith Security has the technical know-how to build custom-made knock-down doors and add desired core types. Often buyers require additional protection, such as bullet-proof commercial steel doors or x-ray resistant ones. Experts in our team help customize the thickness of hollow metal doors accordingly to beat back ballistics of different caliber.


Popular Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

  • Single-Slab Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

The cost and simple design make these commercial metal doors a cherished item for exterior and interior use in labs, industries, offices, and commercial setups. Devoid of any cut, these heavy-duty 18-gauge steel doors have only pockets for hinges and locks. However, one can custom-made these new commercial doors with glass kits and louvers or even add new hardware.

  • Hollow Metal Double Doors

Two single-slab doors combine to form a double door. One door remains active while the other is either a fixed or a passive door. An astragal on the edge of the inactive door allows the active one to rest and this cements any gap between them. Exit control devices and locks are often placed integrating both hollow metal doors. Buyers may order an exotic combination of equal and unequal pairs.

  • Fire-Rated Metal Door

Purpose made to resist fire and induced smoke and heat damage for up to 3 hours, these hollow metal doors are the best option for safety and security. These not only prevent the spread of fire, assure the safety of lives, and prevent any damage to property, but also provide better economic alternative and durability. A variety of insulated core materials filled between metal sheets allow a better choice of tailormade fire-rated doors for a different climate, risk factors, and budget.

  • Hollow Metal Door With Glass

These commercial metal building doors come with prefixed glass. The design allows ample light into the room through the door without any compromise on quality or safety. Buyers have the option to add pre-installed vision lite, a must for confined corridors and dark enclosers. The selection has also fire-rated glass options available for both interior and exterior.

  • Hollow Metal Doors With Louvers

Louvers or door vents on commercial metal building doors facilitate airflow while enabling complete security control over access. There is optimum air ventilation without any violation of privacy. These commercial steel doors with vents suit the needs of restrooms, factories, auto garages, and mechanical yards.

  • Multi-Panel Embossed Hollow Metal Doors

Heavy-duty 18-gauge commercial steel doors come with 2, 4, or 6-panel designs and energy-efficient insulations. These offer a seamless combination of style and durability and are the best suitable for condos, apartments, hotel rooms, and residential apartments.

  • Prefab Metal Buildings Doors

Pre-assembled, pre-hung, and pre-finished, these hollow metal doors provide an economical option for prefab metal buildings. Already complete with all hardware, locks, hinges, fittings, weatherstrip, and assembly components for direct mounting, these doors enable saving on both time and money.

Premium Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

  • Hollow Metal Dutch Door

These double-hung metal doors come with an active upper half-door and a passive half-door. Sheet size, as well as design and pattern, may change based on customer requirements. For instance, a full or half shelf may replace the bottom door.

  • Maximum Duty Steel Security Doors

These 14 or 18-Gauge heavy-duty hollow metal doors frame come with a 12 or 14-gauge frame complying with SDI Level 4. One of the strongest and the most durable doors, these are made for maximum performance, security, and sturdiness. Buyers have the option to integrate grade-1 hardware at an additional cost.

  • Commercial Stainless Steel Doors

An option for those who need the best, stainless steel hollow metal doors leads the pack of high-end entry and exit solutions. Stainless steel replaces standard metal used making these doors eye-pleasing, low on maintenance, and immune from corrosion. More resistant to fire and boasting unmatched durability, stainless steel doors occupy the top slot in the category of hygiene.

  • Steel Stiffened Door

These hollow steel doors boast added strength. Each door has stiffeners welded to reinforce metal sheets both on and off the edges. While this widens the full door, it assures better durability and higher robustness. Further options include a fiberglass insulation core.

Top Branded Hollow Metal Doors

  • Steelcraft Graintech Hollow Metal Doors

Steelcraft’s Graintech has the finest collection of wood-pattern stainable steel doors. The unique selling point lies in the seamless integration of the pleasing simulated-wood look with the benefits of steel. Added range of options includes variations in size, color, and gauge, with or without glass, added light, and diverse hardware.

  • Steelcraft Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

An economical option for commercial, institutional and industrial use, these commercial metal doors are omnipresent for all entryway applications. Steelcraft is well known for offering branded, WHI fire-rated, SDI-certified doors that assure the highest quality, maximum performance, and durability. All Steelcraft metal doors are made in the USA.

  • Ceco Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

CECO doors and frames are easy and quick to install. The manufacturer has plants in the USA and is one of the most favored brands for commercial, industrial, and institutional metal buildings doors. Its fame lies in providing Interior and Exterior doors with a variety of core materials, SDI certification, and unrivaled quality.

  • Curries Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Curries has one of the biggest plants for manufacturing SDI-certified metal building doors. The brand takes pride in its product quality and manufacturing techniques. Its focus remains on assuring the highest level of security, safety, and aesthetes.

  • Baron Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Baron is one of the most reputed metal building door manufacturers with the most extensive range of entryway galvanneal products on offer. While durability, security, and aesthetics drive the product standard, the doors come in different colors and all budget options.

Why Our Hollow Metal Doors

  • Heavy-duty commercial metal doors can take a beating.
  • Plastic laminated, wood, or stainless-steel finish.
  • Robust, aesthetic, more hygienic, and extra durable.
  • Superior performance and economical to maintain.
  • Able to withstand more wear and tear than wood or aluminum doors.
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • SDI certified, fire-rated.

Seattle Locksmith Security offers a complete selection of standard and custom metal building doors and frames catering to commercial, industrial, and institutional demands. All products strictly adhere to SDI and NAMM guidelines and come with an assurance of the highest quality and durability.

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