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Door Security Astragal

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Custom Door Security Astragal

A full length security astragal is a device that is commonly used in residential and commercial properties to enhance the security of doors. An astragal is a strip of material that is attached to the door and the frame, and it provides additional protection against forced entry. Full length security astragals differ from traditional astragals in that they cover the entire length of the door, rather than just a portion of it. This makes them much more effective at deterring intruders and protecting the door from damage.

The Benefits of Door Security Astragal

A door security astragal can help tremendously preventing forced entry,

first and foremost just by having a door security astragal installed on your door will deter potential wrongdoers from even attempting to break into your property they will most likely just skeep your business and go elsewhere where it’s easier and quick and quicker to pry the door open. 

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Door Security Astragal

There are a variety of materials that can be used to construct a full length security astragal, including aluminum, steel, and PVC. Aluminum astragals are popular due to their strength and durability, while steel astragals are known for their resistance to tampering and cutting. PVC astragals are more cost-effective, but they may not provide the same level of protection as aluminum or steel astragals.

One of the key benefits of full length security astragals is their ability to prevent forced entry. Intruders often attempt to pry open doors by inserting a tool between the door and the frame, but a full length security astragal provides a barrier that makes this much more difficult. Additionally, the astragal can help to reinforce the door and prevent it from being kicked in or damaged by other means.

Effective on both outswing and inswing doors, an astragal consists of a male piece, which is fastened to the frame of the door, and an overlapping female piece, which is secured to the door by interlocking bolts that go all the way through the door.

Another benefit of full length security astragals is that they can improve energy efficiency. By sealing the gap between the door and the frame, the astragal can prevent drafts from entering the property. This can reduce heating and cooling costs, and also make the property more comfortable by reducing the amount of air that enters and exits the property.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a full length security astragal. One of the most important is the size of the gap between the door and the frame. A full length security astragal must be the right size in order to be effective, so it is important to measure the gap and choose an astragal that is appropriately sized.

Another important consideration is the type of lock that is used on the door. Some full length security astragals are designed to work with specific types of locks, so it is important to choose an astragal that is compatible with the lock that is being used. Additionally, the type of door being used will also play a role in determining the best type of full length security astragal for a given property.

Full length security astragals should be installed by a professional, as they require precise measurements and special tools to ensure proper fit and function. The installation process typically involves removing the existing door astragal (if there is one), measuring the door and purchasing the correct size astragal, and then attaching the new astragal to the door.
When installed by a security professional, this product offers protection against prying, jimmying, and latch slipping. Slipping the latch of commercial doors is a common entry method of thieves where an object is inserted near the latch and used to “slip it” open, but it becomes impossible when a full length security astragal is installed on the doors.

Astragals are an effective and cost-efficient way to enhance the security of doors. They can help to prevent forced entry, improve energy efficiency, and reinforce doors to prevent damage. When choosing a full length security astragal, it is important to consider the size of the gap between the door and the frame, the type of lock being used, and the type of door being used.

Astragals provide additional strength to the door, making it harder for intruders to break in. In the event of an attempted break-in, the astragal will absorb the force of the impact, making it harder for the door to be pried open or kicked in. This extra security helps to prevent unauthorized access and keep occupants safe.

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