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Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Why Door Buzzer Entry Systems Are a Simple and Safe Solution

Door buzzer entry systems are a common occurrence on residential and commercial properties. That’s because they feature a simple but extremely safe way of implementing access control. 

You don’t want to let anyone on your property or in your facility. Keeping the doors open can be a huge risk, which is why you need to control who can pass that entry point. Installing a buzzer system will increase your safety and put access control in your hands. If that sounds tempting, check out our guide and learn more about door buzzer entry systems. Once you discover more details, you’ll know if it’s the right choice for your property!

Door Buzzer Entry Systems – An Overview

You went over to see a friend who lives on a big property. Once you reached the gate, you noticed that it was locked. However, there was a button to press to inform your friend you are at the door. After pressing that button, your friend acknowledges that you are there. They pressed the button located inside, which serves to open the door remotely. The electronics at the door received the signal and opened it for you to pass.

This is a short description of a door buzzer entry system. You often see them on residential but also commercial and industrial sites. Banks and other financial facilities that have a lot of cash on the premises often use it. The intercoms in residential buildings are nothing else than door buzzers.

A buzzer entry system is nothing else than access control that allows monitoring of who can enter a certain door. You can place this system anywhere. That means you can use it at the entry point to the property, but also for a certain area of the facility. It’s up to you to pick the access point where you want to place a buzzer system.

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A Detailed Explanation of How a Door Buzzer Entry System Works

A door buzzer entry system is a type of remote access control. The system uses electric locks that professionals mount on your property. Seattle Locksmith Security has years of experience with access control, which makes us a reliable partner for all your security requirements.

The first component of the system is an electric lock. The installers position it on any doors where you want to mount the buzzer system. It’s also necessary to place a button, keypad, or even a microphone outside the premises you are securing. Finally, you place a receiver somewhere inside where you or other administrators can press it to open the doors.
Here is a step-by-step installation of the door buzzer working process:

  1. A person that wants to enter informs the people inside that they are outside the property. They do that by pressing the buzzer. Depending on the installation, the buzzer might be on the actual door or the wall near it. Either way, it shouldn’t be far from the access point.
  2. The people inside hear the buzzer and respond. Depending on the installation, they can use the cameras installed to see who is outside. If there’s no camera, buzzer systems will usually have an intercom feature. It allows communication with the person asking to access the area. For security reasons, it’s wise to confirm who wants to enter and what their intentions are.
  3. Once the system administrator or the employee confirms it’s okay to let the person in, they press the button inside the building. The system sends a signal to the door and opens them. There’s no need for you to get anywhere near the door. Buzzer systems work remotely, which means pressing the button opens the door.
  4. The person enters and closes the door behind them. The door automatically locks again to keep the property safe.

Why Should You Use a Door Buzzer Entry System?

You’ll find door buzzer systems throughout the country and worldwide. They are popular in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. These are the main advantages that these setups offer!

Improve Security of Your Premises

If you are thinking about door buzzer systems, you probably want to enhance the security of your facility. You might be the head of a business that wants to control who enters the premises. Perhaps you want to protect a certain area with the file archive. In times of pandemics, it’s also important to control how many people are in the same room at once. If too many people enter the area at the same time, it could create a crowd, and the health experts don’t recommend that.

Door buzzer setups are easy to use, and they offer basic access control. However, these systems are useful and effective. They use electric current to keep the doors locked automatically. That means no one can enter unless someone on the inside lets them in by pressing the required button. And once the person passes and closes the door behind them, they lock again. You don’t have to use a key or mount the locking system by yourself.

A reliable installer like Seattle Locksmith Security will help you install door buzzer systems wherever necessary. It’s common to have them at the entrance point to the site. That way, no one can enter your property without someone letting them in from the inside. You can add extra door buzzer setups to protect particular areas. For example, you could add another buzzer to enter the floor where the top management is.

It’s worth noting that door buzzer systems will remain active if the power goes out. If there’s a problem with the electricity, the door will remain locked. It’s only the administrators that can unlock them. Depending on the installation, the doors will be possible to unlock from inside.

Most buzzer systems have at least an intercom system installed. That allows you to communicate with the person outside remotely. You can confirm who wants to enter and then let them inside. Some setups might have a camera, which allows you to see who’s outside. It’s a better way to confirm that the visitor doesn’t have any malicious intent. And if it seems like they do, you are safe. The doors will stay locked, and it will be (almost) impossible for them to enter. Access to the property will be denied, and you’ll stay safe. If the situation feels like it might escalate, you can always call the police while remaining secure on the premises and keeping the unwanted visitor outside.

Ease of Use

Door buzzer systems aren’t complex. Once you hear the buzzer, you answer it or check who’s at the door. If you deem it’s okay for the person to enter, you press the button and open the door remotely. There’s no need to come to the door, which is convenient. If you have a large number of visitors, it’s much easier to open the doors remotely. It can help that the productivity stays at a high level. There’s no need to stop what you are currently doing. Even if you are on the other side of the property, if you have a button for opening the door, you can open them easily.

And even the visitors will feel comfortable with using the buzzers. They will see the doors are locked and a button to ask for access. Most users choose to place a notification “Please press this button to ask for access” or something like that near the button. Pressing the actual button only takes a moment, which means the process remains hassle-free for the visitors.

A Smart and Durable Solution

Door buzzer systems are long-lasting and feature an excellent value for money. The setup is resistant to wind, snow, rain, and other environmental factors. Even if the vandals want to destroy the device outdoors, that will be extremely hard. And even if they succeed in damaging the button for asking access, that won’t allow them to enter. The door will remain locked, and if you have cameras, you’ll have the entire act on tape.

If the power goes out, door buzzer systems will keep the door locked. You’ll still be able to open them from the inside. It’s a simple but effective access control. Not only can you get it at affordable rates, but the system can help to prevent any financial issues caused by thefts.

Why You Should Call Seattle Locksmith Security for Your Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Did you decide to install a door buzzer system on your property? If yes, don’t hesitate to call Seattle Locksmith Security.

Here is why you should pick our company:

  • We have years of experience with access control systems. Our team can help to pick the right setup for your property.
  • Our experts will ensure to get the installation done right the first time. We’ll also make sure to explain the basics, so you understand how your system works.
  • We strive to offer competitive rates because we know times are hard.

We have a long list of satisfied clients that chose our installers for their door buzzer entry systems. If you’d like access control setups placed on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Seattle Locksmith Security today!

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