Audi-VW Spare Key Made In Seattle Within 30 Minutes

Audi-VW Keys

If you are looking for an Audi-VW spare key, you have come to the right place. Seattle Locksmith Security is Seattle’s premier locksmith shop. We have the industry’s most innovative key cloning machine. It is capable of cloning 95% of Audi and VW keys.

Audi-VW Spare Key

Immobilizer/Transponder keys have a microchip embedded in the plastic portion of the key, which stores the electronic signal that syncs with your vehicle’s on-board computer, which allows the vehicle to start. This is why only copying the mechanical portion of your key, which is limited to opening your door locks and turning the ignition, but does not start the vehicle is not sufficient.

In order for your key to be fully functional, the electronic key signal must be copied from a working key. Our key cloning machine allows us to transfer the electronic key signal from your working key to the cloned key.

For us to be able to clone a Audi-VW spare key, the actual chip embedded in your key must be clone capable. In some cases, customers purchase keys online under the belief that they can have it copied however it may not be clone capable even if it is a transponder key. The best way to avoid this is to have us provide you the correct transponder clone capable key, which is 100% guaranteed to work. Please note that we are able to cut and program the key at our shop.

This page is limited to cloning a microchip Audi-VW spare key that will open your door locks and start your vehicle with no buttons. If you are looking for a key with buttons please ring us at (206) 823-2288.

What We Need to Copy Your Audi-VW Spare Key With No Buttons

1. A working microchip key that opens the door locks and starts your vehicle
2. Your vehicle at our shop
3. 30 minutes of your time
4. $125 + tax

Audi Keys

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TT 2000 – 2015

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